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  • Artdriver Rotary

    Rotary machine Artdriver It shows that you can buy something functional and, at the same time, be original in design. Coloring, shading, or draw lines; anything is possible with this range designed for the most demanding artists and like to show off their work tool.

  • AVA
  • Bullet Machines

    Bullet Machines rotating machines they are SUVs of the tattoo. Apply to lines, fills and shading. Buy bullet If you need something that you serve in all kinds of work, adjustable and compatible with the majority of cartridges on the market both grips most is something forced.

  • Bishop Rotary

    A rotary machine designed by an expert with over 20 years of experience in the sector. Bishop It is lightweight, ergonomic, efficient and powerful. Buy it is a vote for an ideal companion for long sessions of tattoo and a huge lifespan. For something are so many people already have it in their studies.

  • Cheyenne - Hawk

    If you are looking for an innovative and trusted brand, buy a Cheyenne Hawk It should be among your first choices. It is an all-terrain tool that accepts multiple configurations for any type of work. It is very accurate, silent and reduces vibrations to a minimum. You can have the confidence that you will work safely if you have one of these.

  • Rotary Dragonfly

    Dragonfly rotary machine high level. Its weight ranges around 80 grs. Its well defined and very tight chassis weight makes it very manageable, and its reduced rotor makes free from vibration almost nothing. Set the sensitivity control, this machine serves for filling both lines. It uses Swiss 6 v engine, which makes that you can use without problems up to 50 magnun and be able to work both with traditional needle cartridges hands. It has Clip Cord and RCA connections. Available in six colors: red, purple, pink, blue, black, and Lima.

  • Elite
  • EGO Rotary

    Result of the idea of a British artist, EGO rotating machines they are designed to hold it as if it were a pen. They are very light and have designs intended for attachment without problems. A very good buy to marry the convenience of your hands with the professionalism of your work.

  • Equaliser - Rotary

    There are many reasons why tattoo professionals choose to buy Equaliser Rotary machines. Its variety, durability and quality allow a perfect proposal for the needs of every type of artist. You have them in different sizes and colors, to choose which best fits to your tastes.

  • Hummingbird Gen2

    Low weight, low noise, option of using needles, grips and a host of accessories make this rotary machine extremely versatile. Using Hummingbird rotary machine is like having a hummingbird on the hands: is light, but at the same time precise. The option of controlling the soft ends to finish a set of compulsory purchase.

  • InkJecta

    All an amalgam of rotating machines specializing in lines, shadows, colored or stuffed. Inkjecta range It is accompanied by a seal of quality that guarantees the best quality in terms of materials and, of course, in terms of finishes. If you buy a rotary Inkjecta, you'll have something easy to maintain and durable.

  • Nano lace Tattoo...

    Tattooed more machine light market. Lace Nano It is simple, clean and extremely efficient. Autoclavable mechanism, its ergonomics and not need maintenance to keep it running as the first day have artists from around the world have fallen rendered to his feet and bought it.

  • Rotary BS

    Avoid mismatches and the unwanted side-scrolling thanks both its design and its operation. Rotating machines BS they are made with the highest quality aluminum, which guarantees a perfect light to work with precision and comfort. Buy them is ideal if you are looking for something sturdy and perfect for long sessions.

  • Scorpion - Evil Black
  • Stigma Rotary

    Buy a rotary Stigma It is to buy something comfortable, professional and quality. Stigma Rotary It's all a reference point as regards this type of tattoo equipment. Its composition, as part of a quality aluminum and heavy-duty engines, finishes off each and every one of the components that have convinced many experts.

  • Spektra

    The range of rotating machines Spektra It is considered to be one of those belonging to the highest family. They allow the use of any of the grips on the market, they have regulator for the scope of the coup and are fully compatible with standard needles and cartridges. Purchase insured for those who need a quality machine.

  • (Dragonfly) Stingray

    Light, silent and able to regulate the force of the blow to inject the ink. The Stingray range belongs to the prestigious brand Dragonfly. Precision given and the quality both in performance and in materials, make purchase for every artist who wants a versatile and good machine.

  • Swashdrive Rotary

    20 years in the market guarantee the high level of the Australian brand Swashdrive. Their machines are the most technologically advanced in the sector of tattoo, and the most chosen by tattoo artists from all over the world. Would you like to join a group of professionals with taste for the avant-garde? Then, buy them.

  • TESLA Rotary

    Buy a Tesla rotary machine and you can work with peace of mind, invites you for components and settings. Just does lack a second to adjust them in order to work you want to do, and in addition have a perfect needle stabilizer to achieve defined and precise results. Let your imagination without worries.

  • Titanium Rotary

    Would you like something manufactured with quality components? Then you have to buy a Titanium rotary machine. Made of aluminium, with a performance similar to the of winding machines, but with all the benefits of rotating mechanisms; they are perfect to carry out demanding jobs without losing one iota of comfort and quality.

  • TURANIUM rotary

    Equipped with special connectors to avoid problems with electrical power, rotating machines Turanium they are designed to work with both needles and cartridges classic and more modern. They are versatile and very compatible with number of products, perfect tools for those seeking to buy something easy to use.

  • Adaptador TatSoul...
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items