Our Return Policy

Products sold on blacksteelsupplies.com are subject to the General Return Policy, except for electronic material which is subject to the Special Return Conditions for Electronic Material as indicated below:

General Return Policy

- The return of the product is allowed up to 15 days after the invoice date

- It must be returned with the original packaging and in perfect condition

- The amount is not paid until we receive the returned merchandise and confirm its good condition

- In the event that a client refuses to collect a shipment of an order that he has placed with us, a return cost of €15 is incurred. This amount will be charged to the customer's account, and will be charged on the next purchase you make. In the event that these return costs are not paid, the company will not be able to sell to this customer again. The company will always contact the client to try to solve any problem that may have arisen at the time of delivery and try to avoid the return.

Special Return Conditions for Electronic Material: machines, power supplies, pedals…. etc.

- Product returns are allowed up to 7 days after the invoice date

- Return in its original packaging and in perfect condition, both the packaging and its contents

- Warranty is 1 year from the date of purchase

- Depending on the brand of the items, the warranty will be offered by the factory itself. The guarantee does not include the labor necessary for its repair or transport costs.

If you want to make a return or want more information, please contact us by email info@blacksteelsupplies.com or phone: (0034) 965 390 291