Hummingbird Gen2

Hummingbird Gen2

Low weight, low noise, option of using needles, grips and a host of accessories make this rotary machine extremely versatile. Using Hummingbird rotary machine is like having a hummingbird on the hands: is light, but at the same time precise. The option of controlling the soft ends to finish a set of compulsory purchase.

Hummingbird Gen2 

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    Manufacturer of the Hummingbird, machines have new BRONC, a rotating machines for cartridges type cheyenne.

    Made of high quality aluminum CNC and engine of 4.5 v of great quality.

    Option to put cheyenne grip or grip with rear tube with opening for cartridge.

    Engine of 4.5 v

    5-12 v voltage

    Weight 95 g.

    Travel: 3.8 mm

    Plug type: RCA

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Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items