DERMALIZE RETAIL PACKS 5 units of 15x10cm



DERM02 - DERMALIZE RETAIL PACKS 5 units of 15x10cm

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The protective film Dermalize PRO, ensures the protection of your tattoo once facts, and help to heal much better, since it is anti bacterial, breathable and protects from moisture.; ; The use of Dermalize makes to protect from the outside and that tattoo cure from the inside out, keeping the moisture in the skin and making it to regenerate easily and safely, ensuring a perfect healing of the tattoo artists and keeps the brightness of colors a v Cured eZ.; ; Dermalize PRO roll, has a measure of 15 cm x 10 m; ; With an average size of tattoo, we have 60 to 80 applications with the roll, so about would have cost € 0.50 tattoo.; ; How to use: the tattooist will just finish the tattoo film DERMALIZE and could leave 12 to 24 hours, depending on the fluids the skin to drain, normal is 24 hours and then it rows well area and would be a second film (that can be sold to the customer the mono-dose) and this already can be other 48 hours up to 5 days, the total use of Dermalize is 3 to 6 days.; ;

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