We will need the grips to contain and guide the needles:



These are heavy and reusable.

They are heavy to compensate for the weight of coil machines, they must be sterilized in the autoclave.

It usually comes

with the three incorporated parts (tip, grip and back tube or back stem)

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Same as steel, but much lighter.

*In both you have to mount the needle.

Depending on the type and number of needles,

you need a tip or another..

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Tips or Tips:


abs (2).png

As we see in the image of the tips, there are 3 kinds of tips,

round, diamond or diamond and flat.

And within each class there are different sizes to house the different groupings of needles.

The steel and aluminum grips can also be fitted with a disposable tip.


abs (5).png

The plastic grips are disposable and single use.

They come already sterilized and ready to use.

- It can be found without a needle, having to choose the one that best suits the type of needle used.

- Also with a needle included, it already comes with the correct configuration for your needle..

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For cartridges:

abs ( 1).png

There are steel, aluminum and disposable and sterilized plastic.

It contains a rod to push the needle and hook it to the machine, either reel or rotary.

They are to adapt the needle cartridge directly and exchange type and number

of needle just by inserting it. They can be adjustable, to take out the needle more or less.

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abs (6).png

In the case of pen-type rotary machines,

The grip is included in the machine. Just exchange the desired cartridge.


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