Yes, we need something to tattoo, it's needles.

There are the traditional ones and the cartridges.

Here are the differences:

Traditional needles:


They are the usual (traditional) needles,

they must be mounted on a grip (if they are not already mounted)

and adjust the machine.

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These are needles already installed in a cartridge with a membrane that prevents the grip from staining on the inside.

This system allows you to quickly change the needle in the grip without having to adjust it.

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Tip specifications:


abs (2).png

There are different needle thicknesses, the most common in the tattoo world are: 0.25mm > 0.30mm > 0.35mm

But with the demand in micropigmentation

up to 0.18mm have been created.


abs (2).png

It refers to the number of needles it has, for example:

3RL 0.25 (contains 3 0.25mm needles in Round Liner).


abs (2).png

In the length of the cone (Taper in English),

Different manufacturers have their own specifications.

A standard short cone can be 1.5mm

while a long one can be 2.0mm.

Normal or Textured:

abs (2).png

In the normal needle, the point is polished.

While in the textured needle, this one is polished to allow more ink to be picked up.

Needle name:

RL (Round Liner):

abs (2).png

Line needles are called round because they are grouped in a circle.

Its shape is conical and tapered towards the tip.

RS (Round Shader):

abs (2).png

Needles for shadows, thick lines, and fills where it's hard to reach with a magnum.

It's called round because it's grouped into circles. Its shape is tubular.

M1 (Magnum):

abs (2).png

Formed by two rows of needles in parallel and separated,

where one row has one more needle than the other. Depending on the technique used,

They are used for both fill and shadows.

M2 (Double-Stack Magnum):

abs (2).png

Formed by two rows of needles parallel and together,

where one row has one more needle than the other.

They are used for blending, shading and filling in more complex areas.

RM (Round Magnum/Soft Edge):

abs (2).png

Also called "Cat's Tongue"

It is made in the same way as the magnum 1,

with the difference that its shape is curved.

Usually used for fill, blend, or shadow,

allows for a better transition between applied colors,

because the finish at the ends is finer than a magnum.

Applies grays more delicately.


abs (2).png

It is made up of a single row of needles.

Used mainly for shading,

although also filling in and even putting it on edge to make a line.

CF (Curve Flexible):

abs (2).png

They are needles with a more accentuated angle that allows

a greater range of movement in the curves.



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