When we don't know where to start, it becomes a world for us to look for information and compare it.

At BlackSteelSupplies we are going to make it easy for you by telling you what the material is called and what it is for:

Power supply:


The power supply is a transformer that transforms the 220v from the plugs into a lower voltage,

As it has regulation we can regulate the machine so that it goes faster or slower.

It has one or more jack inputs to power the machine and another for the pedal.

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The pedal connected by jack, will activate or deactivate the machine when you step on it.

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Cable clip cord:


To connect coil machines.

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RCA cable:

abs (5).png

To connect rotary machines.

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Wind machine:

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Moved by electromagnetic coils through contact of the screw in the strap that is attached to the hammer.

They are traditional, changing the settings can be used for one thing or another.

Very difficult to break unless it is an electrical component (cable or capacitor).

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Rotary machine:

abs (6).png

Powered by a rotary electric motor. These are more modern and also tend to have less weight than

traditional ones (coils). They have greater precision, the continuous movement without fluctuation, as in those of coils;

makes the ink penetrate the skin more precisely and continuously.

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