Who we are

We are a company dedicated to the manufacture, import and distribution of products of tattoo, piercing and micropigmentation. Offering all the products that a tattoo or beauty center study may be required.

We distribute throughout the peninsular, Islands and overseas.

We have great brands and we are exclusive importers in many brands of pigments as well as machines and needles.


We are a leader in the national and international markets in the sector of distribution of material, and so cover all products and services, increasing that arise because of the need to change caused by technological advances and social. This is so since we are a company in constant innovation since the tattoo and body art industry so requires.


Our values upon which holds this strategy of growth and differentiation in the service are:

· Teamwork: Promoting and supporting a homogeneous, polyvalent and interdepartmental team.
· Collaboration: We integrate with our manufacturers, suppliers and customers to improve quality with them every day to meet your needs.
· Service: We comply with our commitments and we are responsible for our performance in all our decisions and actions, based on a great service by and for our customers desire.
· Innovation and continuous improvement: We are aware of the importance of looking to the future, therefore we offer the latest market to give optimum service and support to our customers.
· Transparency: The involvement and commitment of the staff would not be possible without absolute transparency in processes, providing maximum information of the company staff.
· Communication: We promote and facilitate communication between all levels of the Organization, providing effective tools, convoby checking the forums proper and constant commitment of the address.
· Integrity and ethics: We promote a social commitment and fulfil our internal rules.
· Training: The company cares of continuous training at all levels.
· Corporate Social responsibility: We actively contribute to the social, economic and environmental improvement to improve our competitive and evaluative situation.
Black steel strives to make the people who make the company aware of these values and are capable of transmitting them abroad.


Monday to Friday 9:00 h to 14:00 and 16:00 h to 19:30 h.