Quality policy

The quality management system implemented by Black Steel aims to ensure the Organization comprises the express or implied needs of its customers, doing the work of marketing to the bulk of material for tattoos and piercings with a level of quality that meets your requirements and give them satisfaction.

To achieve this purpose, we concentrate our efforts and dedication to:

-Provide our customers the service object of our activity fulfilling the needs they have and possibly exceeding their expectations.

-Provide our staff motivation, training, information, equipment and infrastructure that allows you to perform their duties with an optimal level of efficiency.

-Ensure a base of suppliers who work closely together.

-Continuously improve our processes and services through the application of principles of driving based on the concepts of quality and participatory management, determining also the means for preventing nonconformities and eliminating their causes.

-This quality policy and commitment to our address are based on measurable goals more concrete, whose follow-up is carried out in revisions to that direction takes place on the system and is controlled compliance through data analysis, taking into account all legal and regulatory requirements that are applicable to the performance of the activity.

Rev 01 date revision: 10/01/2011