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GR91 - Gel Stencil Premium 90 ml

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PREMIUM STENCIL GEL, It is a product of high quality, very easy to extend and pleasant on the skin. You don't have to move or tip the boat. With pump (more comfortable and hygienic) extraction system. Manufactured with pure juice of aloe vera Barbadensis Miller organically.

METHOD OF USE: Aloe Tattoo Stencil Premium gel is a high quality product that does not need to be shaken before use, so that a single drop serves to set a drawing stencil resembling a square of side 15cmx15cm. Spread gel on the area tattooing until almost dry looking skin. Apply the drawing template and wait 3-5 seconds before removing. Allow 8 to 10 minutes before starting to tattoo. Work from bottom to top, occasionally wiping the excess ink. Ideal for realism.


  • Transparent
  • Free fragrances
  • Vegan

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