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SWS01 - SWASHDRIVE Gen 8 Brushless adjustable.

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Of the prestigious Australian brand Swashdrive, is a new Gen 8 adjustable, with an adjustable swashplate design.
-New and exclusive motor Maxon 5 Watts and brushless, manufactured for the new GEN8 adjustable.
-The new rotating adjustable GEN8 is small, light, and more balanced than the previous model.
-The pipe clamp made in stainless steel, polished and engraved to the laser.
-Comes with 2 pesos, a bottle of oil lubricant and 2 Allen wrenches to make suitable adjustments.
-The new GEN8, brushless, has the same clip of adjustment than the previous model, ranging from the hard to fill up to the soft, with an easy displacement of the mechanism.
-The new Gen8 series now come with the tensor of the needle mounted on the frame.
Important information about the brushless motor:
Brushless motor features:
The brushless motor that mounts its new machine is a completely new technology in small engines fed with DC.
A minimum voltage of 9V initial is required to activate electronic circuit board that controls the motor. This may seem high, but that is the way in which designed and will not cause any damage. 9V power consumption is only about 0.1 amps (0.9 Watts) and 20V will consume 0.5 Amps and give a maximum power of 10 Watts.
The engine may even seem slow at the beginning, but this is part of its electronic programming to ensure a smooth acceleration of the motor to the desired regime. This is very different from a typical motor brushes, which responds instantly when it is switched on.
Brushless motor also has a circuit that controls the internal speed keeps very precise speed settings such as the pressure variation during the operation.
The result is a super good performance and zero engine suffering.
Important to note - the power input is sensitive to polarity +-
The positive (red) wire must be connected to the RCA Center.
In case of changing polarity the machine fails to start.
Also in the event of an overload cut power to prevent the destruction of the motor.rga. In this case, the engine will trip and will be reset after 3 seconds before rebooting.
Operating voltages:
9 volt at the start will be given 2,000 rpm or 33 CPS
11 volts = 3000 rpm / 50 CPS
13 volts = 6000 rpm / 100 CPS
16 Volt = 9000 RPM / 150 CPS
The maximum speed is 22 volts
Manufactured in stainless steel and injected black polyamide casing, which gives it high resistance to shock.

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