Motorplug Stigma 5W EC Brushless



SRM13 - Motorplug Stigma 5W EC Brushless

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Stigma-Rotary's EC MotorPlug® uses brushless technology. Standard motors use brushes to operate that eventually collect dirt and dust, which affects engine operation. Power may be affected and fluctuations may begin to occur. Stigma-Rotary's new EC MotorPlug® will last 10 times longer than a standard engine, and always running as it did the first day you used it! It offers the following features:

  • Carrying a 5 watt engine made in Switzerland by Brushless Maxon
  • With preloaded bearings
  • Very resilient and long-lived
  • Compact design
  • Standard RCA and Clipcord connections
  • works between 7 volts and up to 15 volts
  • Weighs only 69 grams

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