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We present a novel method in Spain but carrying many years in the United States and Europe. Certified by health, Rejuvi Tattoo removal method, technically is not a Laser treatment.

To be more precise, it's a unique extraction process.

Traditional pigmentation, tattooing or micropigmentation inks, are inorganic oxides of metals such as iron, carbon, oxides of chromium and titanium etc.

These inorganic oxides of metals practically are not diluted in water or in most organic solvents. So are preserved long after its penetration into the skin.

Rejuvi Tattoo removal method is composed of alkali metal oxides and metals from traffic in a formula specified (emulsion). Rejuvi system metal oxides, have chemical characteristics very identical to micropigmentation and tattoo pigments, therefore have a good physical and chemical compatibility. When Rejuvi emulsion comes into physical contact with tattoo or micropigmentation (within the pieo) pigments, pigments blend gradually with Rejuvi emulsion.

Rejuvi tattoo Remover is completely inabsorbible in the skin, is rejected after his application in the same. Pigments or inks to come into contact with the emulsion are ejected to the surface through the skin. (forms crust that will protect the wound).

Rejuvi emulsion, are applied by the machine tattoo or dermógrafo and is applied in the following way:

-Implementation of the system Rejuvi (tattooing)

-Dry and crust formation.

-Fall of the cortex

-Regeneration of the natural pigment of the skin

For a second application about 6 to 8 weeks. Good Rejuvi method is that it does not differ between colors and expels all types of colors, green, blue, yellow, white... And being an expulsion to the surface eliminates more quantity of pigment than a laser.

When applying Rejuvi Tattoo removal, we observe as you are leaving a greenish color is ink that goes out to the outside.

It occurs in bottles of 10 gr.

To apply Rejuvi Tattoo Remover has to do before a course with instructors certified by Rejuvi Rejuvi micropigmentation and tattoo removal. This course will take place in Valencia and consists of 1 day.

The kit with the course includes El Rejuvi Tattoo remover and Rejuvi Super Shooting cream more a certificate for purchasing the product.

Rejuvi may not be sold if the course taken.

The course fee is €550

Once the course already may be requested Rejuvi.

Presentation: bottle with applicator 10g

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