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ART-G Grip ArtDriver 25 to 28 mm.

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Adjustable and ergonomic, telescoping grip of polished stainless steel and 25 to 28 mm thick. Thanks to the material with which it is made provides greater durability and can undergo sterilization autoclave.

Only the grip adapter and the clamp does not they are prepared to undergo the autoclave.Universal adapter includes closure of aluminum, especially designed to adapt to any type of machine on the market with 16.1 thread and conical clamp for easy adjustment.

Telescopic system which allows a precise and more travel.

Locking system that prevents any type of cartridge to accidental disengagement.

Anti-twist system prevents that the grip is rotated unintentionally.

Guarantee of by life: for its excellent features and materials of manufacture, this grip is considered practically indestructible, with warranty of for life when you have not deteriorated by a misuse of the same. This warranty does not include the universal adapter.

Weight: 170 grams* Manufactured in Spain.

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