Ego R12 - Black/Black - cartridge



EGO03-NNG - Ego R12 black/Black - cartridge

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Cartridges EGO R12 machine is the latest addition to the popular range of machines of EGO. The EGO r12 is a machine for cartridges. As all the other EGO uses the Power Triangle that allows you to adjust the blow to your liking. This system has been specially adapted for the R12 and is installed at the tip of the plunger. The EGO R12 can be used with any type of grip for cartridge: the EGO HAWK FLOW, cheyene disposable Hawk and the Cheyenne Hawk Grips grips can be used directly. You can also use grips with tubes back since an adapter for closure is included with this machine. Basic features: core and closing of anodized aluminum. Housings of plastic UV this machine uses the Power Triangle system to adjust hardness. The color of the triangles graduates hit between hard and soft. Black is the hardest and the yellow the softer, they imitate the tension of the straps on a machine of coils. Included 3.5 mm power cable. Swiss motor maxon LED without brushes.

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