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Dragonfly/Stingray Spare-N º 41B-X2 Eccenter Assy (Preset Long 4.5 mm)



DGFR-41B Spare part dragonfly-N º 41B-X2 Eccenter Assy (Preset Long 4.5 mm)

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Dragonfly Spare part. ADATPA to all Dragonfly machines. Preconfigured for recorrrido long 4.5 mm. It can also be adjusted with the Precision Tool Kit No. 90 from 2.6 to 4.5 mm. Note that you will also need tweezers # 55-Circlip to replace this part. Use the Circlip pliers to remove the Circlip and push the connecting pin. Loosen the eccentric of the motor shaft with the smaller Allen wrench 0.9 mm. There are two screws in the standard eccentric, one for the motor shaft and another for the bearing shaft. You just need to use the motor shaft screw. Install the new assembly on the motor shaft and make sure the screw ends in the flat part of the shaft and tighten securely. Check that the crank aligns correctly with the groove in the piston. This is important, if it is not aligned correctly, it will not work properly and you may need to readjust the location of the engine. If this is the case, consult the manual or send it to the service technician. If OK, align the upper bearing with the hole in the piston and insert the connecting pin and install the safety ring.

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