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CB520 - Cheyenne Sun NOVA tattoo pen

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SUN NOVA, the latest creation of Cheyenne, is more powerful than the Hawk pen.

SUN NOVA It is designed for perfect accuracy, works with a Brushless DC motor. Ergonomic design

Despite its power, it has a quiet operation and is very gentle on the skin, allowing a faster healing process and comfortable both for the client and for the tattooist.

Sun NOVA operates between 25 and 150 Hertz, can operate at low frequency for the realism of color and pointillism, or a frequency but high for most intense lines.

It is compatible with a variety of grips, handles and needle cartridge. Try with cheyenne disposable grips ERGO-ROUND, are ideal for a grip more comfortable and with safety or Craft cartridges, you'll make the perfect emparejameinto, and with its own revolutionary machine performance will not disappoint.

The machine is easy to cover given its size. Anodization is durable and easy to clean, also ensures hygiene.

It contains 4 free samples of disposable grips ERGO-ROUND.

The Sun NOVA machine is compatible with all power supplies built-in carrying Nitro/jump Starter start, to hard-boot machines.

Being more powerful, for use with power supply cheyenne PU I or PU II need to adapt your source, the source is the same only needs a more powerful adapter that provides the power needed to boot.


  • Net weight: 150 g
  • long: 102 mm
  • diameter: 33 mm
  • Frequency: 25-150 hz
  • Protrusion of needle: 0 to 4.0 mm
  • Length of stroke: 3.5 mm
  • Power consumption: 3 w
  • Voltage: 5-12 6V DC.
  • Starting current: 2.5 A max. 200 min.
  • Operation: continuous, smooth and silent operation
  • Motor: DC and brushless

Main features:

  • Durable machine design pen
  • Protected jack connection
  • Gently transfer ink to the skin, suitable for all skin types
  • easy to protect
  • complies with the standards of hygiene (medical standards ISO 9001 and 13485 in the United States. UU)
  • Easy replacement of cartridges
  • Made in Germany

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