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    German range which focuses on getting the wider range of different tattoos black tones. Alpha inks They cover practically any hue of this color for anyone who is the job you want to perform. If you want an infinite number of different tones for your job, look no further. You have three shades of shadows and three different intensities of black.

  • Black Scorpion

    It penetrates into your skin as the most powerful poison and trafficking with the greatest of care. Black Scorpion Ink It has everything you need to sharpen, color or shading. Its white ink is one of the most famous of the entire market by not losing even a micron of color with the passage of time.

  • Solvent for inks

    You more than necessary ally to give the perfect viscosity inks to achieve the most optimal result in your tattoos. The solvent for inks Does not alter its composition, without changing not a shred of its color or its intensity, so that everything flows passing needle to the skin.

  • Dynamic

    Dynamic Tattoo Ink

    Light, darkness, shadows, profiles... Dynamic Ink It is the best in regard to inks in black and white. They do not lose one iota of color over time and allow some finishes and stunning profiled with the best qualities. For something they have become the favorite of professionals!

  • Eternal ink

    Born from the mind of the famous Terry Welker as a quality alternative to the obsolete systems of ink, Eternal Ink It can boast of having more than 100 different colors divided into extensive ranges and sets perfect for every occasion. Unleash your designs and filling them with life.

  • Electric Ink Heavy
  • Intenze

    We have INTENZE inks in Black Steel. Are very sought after by the most prestigious tattoo artists by their bright colors and their great color chart. They are inks vegan and approved in Europe.Mark INTEZE

    It has a wide variety of Set, where can have various colors of the same line of work, such as several types of shadows, realism, pastel shades... which facilitates the work to the tattooist when combining colors.

  • Kuro sumi

    With a name that comes from the old Japan elite forces, Kuro Sumi inks they do a few contours and permanent shades for any work that you do. For a long time that passes, they do not lose its color nor grip skin. They are very good to achieve a long lasting result.

  • Ink cleaner - Clean Ink

    Clean-Ink It is the answer to the problems with the ink. This powerful cleaner removes any stains remaining regardless of the surface. Gives equal that it has fallen on the clothes or your skin, its capacity for descaling is capable of ending the ink is where it is and without complications.

  • Nocturnal

    Ink tattoo organic and premium. Formulated by Franco Vescovi and tested for two years by the co-owner and legendary tattoo artist Jack Rudy. Our goal was to create an ink that works very similar to Talens and Pelican, which are some of the well-known inks used for the tattoo industry for 30 years. We wanted the fluidity of these inks, but it had to be darker and shadow even softer. Unlike Talens and Pelican, we wanted that our ink was made for the tattoo.

  • Nuclear white

    Would you like to make your work look a really bright white?, you need quality shadows? Nuclear White you have the right composition to meet your needs and get that polished and professional finish for you thanks to its ability to enhance the color of inks. For something is the favorite of experts!

  • OFERTAS Tintas
  • Radiant Colors

    Radiant colors tattoo ink

    It comes from the United States, where it has become famous for its pure, intense and varied colors. Radiant Colors does honor to its name, giving life to your tattoos and providing them with an enviable perfect color to get a solid and exceptional result thanks, also, to its texture and ease of application.


    Silverback ink they are your solution if what you want is to get quality shadows to finish off your works on the skin. Professionals from around the world flock to them to give an expert touch to their work and make you look as much as possible. If you want a professional finish, they are what you are looking for.

  • Viking ink
  • World famous tattoo ink

    Its name implies. World Famous Tattoo Ink It is a range of inks for tattoos known throughout the world for meeting a high quality and the perfect viscosity to prevent damage to the drawing. Chromatic variety and sharp, intense and bright finishes are your best guarantee.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 137 items