Machines coils

Here you can find winding machines As Infinity or Salamander, with a totally unique designs and a result light and manageable. Prices of all types for professional finishes, this is your place to buy winding machines If you are looking for is not a good brand, but a good tool.

Machines coils 

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    As the sting of a bee whose venom becomes art, Bee Venom winding machines they have a few designs in which the contrast of colors provides a great personality. Its operation is not far behind, being really robust and offering a finish as professional as necessary to anyone who buys them.

  • Dani Martos Machine

    Under the seal of the tattoo artist Dani Martos get these winding machines as solid as they seem. Made in iron and lacquered for protection, are designed to avoid any vibration and allow accurate work. Buy a Dani Martos winding machine It is a safe bet for a lasting and professional tool.

  • DM Binaural

    Winding machines made with the best materials. The Binaural DM they have a few very small springs which, together with his hammer, get a spectacular strength to just consume power. There are both lines for filling and shading, so you have a wide range to buy something suitable to your taste and needs.

  • TITANIUM machines

    Machines made with quality metal to achieve a high strength and durability. Titanium machines they are suitable for the most demanding and professional. If you are looking for something durable, versatile and not you give disadvantages to the end of time, are taking to buy any of this range.

  • Theo stone Machines

    Heart of Portugal are born these machines designed and designed by the famous Brazilian tattoo artist Theo stone. These winding machines are light and extremely stable, resulting in perfect to draw lines that require absolute accuracy. Made in aluminium and without any type of welding, they are a good buy for meticulous work.

  • Black Panther